There is quite a lot of variation between fridge magnet manufacturers today, but it does not have to be confusing.  Here is a list of FAQs which answers most of our commonly asked questions.
Leadtime (How long will these fridge magnets take)?
Generally our fridge magnets are delivered within 2-3 weeks from approval of artwork.
Some manufacturers make magnets quicker, why dont you?
Our process is quite different from every other fridge magnet manufacturer in Australia, and because of this, they do take a little longer, but we guarantee these are worth the wait.
What is different about your magnets?
The fridge magnets we manufacture are very unique, our machinery is one of only 2 setups in the world.  The specially designed laser tools allow us to custom make any magnet that you want without any extra cost.  Most manufacturers will not offer shaped magnets, simply because they cannot make them, and those that do will charge you to make a special die tool (this is a special knife that they will have to have made), we do not need to follow this process.
We also apply a double gloss finish which is unique to our products.  Not only do we apply the gloss to the print of your magnets to make them look great and to protect the print, we also apply a gloss finish to the reverse of your fridge magnets, this prevents them from scratching or marking any surfaces (which is important if you are giving these away).
I want a magnet size or shape that is not listed
Perfect!  Custom made magnets, custom shaped magnets, custom sized magnets, this is what we do.  The sizes listed on this website are designed as a starting point to give you an idea of pricing.  If you require a shape or size of magnet which is not listed, get in touch, we can help.
I want 1 magnet.... I want 1,000,000 magnets?  What are your maximum and minimum print runs?
At Mister Magnets we offer a very competitive 1000 magnet minimum production.  Some companies can offer quantities as low as 200 magnets, due to our setup we cannot do this.
We have no maximum order, to date we have no had an order we have been unable to fullfil, with our largest order being 2,500,000 magnets! (that is a lot of magnets)
How much for more colours?
Nothing!  Quite simply, most manufacturers these days will not charge you for extra colours in your printing (unless you are requesting special colours like Gold or Flourescent), if you are paying more for more colours, start shopping around.
Colour Variation
Please be aware that due to the nature of printing, exact colour cannot be guaranteed.  The colour you see on your monitor may vary from the finished product, we cannot prevent colour variation from monitor to print.  Also, reorders cannot be guaranteed to be the exact colour as your previous print run.
I have my own design, now what?
You can certainly supply us with your design.  We will check your artwork and put it into our templates.  We will then email you a proof to check over.  There is no charge for this.
I dont have my own what?
Simply email over your ideas along with any logos/fonts/colours you would like incorporated, the more information the better.  We will then put a design together and email you a proof to look over.  This service is included in our pricing, there is no additional charge.
Extra Charges?
Put simply, the prices on this website are total cost.  We will not charge you extra for colours, proofs, delivery, scanning,designing or anything, what you see is what you get.
What are your payment terms and options?
At present we are only setup to receive payment by cheque or internet transfer.  These details will be emailed to you once your order is approved.  We ask for 50% payment upfront, before your order is despatched, so please have this to us within 2 weeks of approving your order to avoid delivery delays.  Balance of payment is due 14 days from delivery.
Re-print policy
It is the customers responsibility to check all spelling, numbers, grammar etc.  We recommend that you check all design work even if supplied by yourself.  Once your order is approved, Mister Magnets will not be held responsibly for incorrect artwork once approved.
Other Questions?
If you have a question that has not been answered here, please do email us, we may well want to add a response for others also.  Email:
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