Shaped Magnets are becoming more and more popular, for two reasons. 
Firstly, our costs.  Traditionally a fridge magnet has been either a square or rectangular magnet.  And, if you did want a shaped magnet, you had to pay for a die tool which is a special knife that is made into the shape of your desired magnet, and that can get expensive.
Let's Make it Simple
Choose a size you want.  Fit your shape within that size.  That's it, total cost.
For example.  If you want 1000 89x54mm magnets (credit card size) cost is $450 for 1000 magnets.  Any shape you can fit within that size is still only $450, no extra charges!
Our laser cut magnets mean that we don't need special tools. 
Secondly, with the wide use of fridge magnets these days, (go on, look on your fridge and count them, the average household has at least 5 magnets on their fridge) you need something that is going to stand out.
A full colour magnet is the first step (which we happen to offer as standard), next, what's the single easiest thing you could do to make your magnets stand out from a square magnet or a rectangular magnet?  Easy, make it a shaped magnet...Have a look below for just a small handful of shaped magnets we have made for happy customers over the last few months.
If for example you want a house shaped magnet, you don't have to choose from some shapes we have made before because you can have any shape that you's a few magnets in the shape of a house we have made recently.
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